Vixen Chat: Taj George Talks SWV Reunion and Shares Weightloss Struggles


Taj & Nutritionist JJ VirginAnd my birthday was coming I was 42, I looked like I was 22. I felt good. I felt really good about myself. And I found out that I’m a horrible stress eater and that’s something I have to work on…That’s all mental. I have to work on that.


During the taping of the show and going through all of the stresses of the show, I turned to food. I got off track and I gained like 13 pounds back. And I called JJ and I was so embarrassed. I’m like ‘you know what, JJ, I really let you down and I know that this program works. But, I fell off and I can’t come and support you until I get myself together and she’s like ‘If you don’t get your ass out here. We’re gonna do this together.’ So she got me back on point and now I realize there will be times where I may take a swift left when I should be going right but it’s so easy to stand up and try again because its not some kind of fad. It’s a lifestyle change and I changed my life for the better when I started doing the JJ Virgin Diet.

So what’s actually different about this diet and these recipes in her cookbook versus the others that are out there.

What I love about the JJ Virgin Diet is that your goal is to remove seven highly allergic foods or highly sensitive foods from out of your diet… Half the stuff I didn’t eat anyways.

….I like eggs but it’s not like if I see them I have to eat them and they have to have cheese on them if I’m gonna eat them. So it was really easy for me to avoid eggs and dairy because I don’t really care for dairy. I’m weird when it comes to food. My biggest problem was soy and corn. And ironically what I called myself doing to get healthier and be more fit was, I took gluten out of my diet. And when I took gluten out of my diet, what was replacing it was a bunch of soy and corn. When I did that, all of a sudden my body started spiraling out of control. I started gaining crazy weight and getting sick all of the time and I thought ‘I’m not taking care of myself; I need to eat more healthier’, so I add more soy and more corn. And I kept getting sick. When I cut out the corn and soy I was amazingly healthy. So, what’s so easy about this diet is you can take it anywhere, get it anywhere, you can do it anywhere and it’s so simple. All you have to do is avoid certain foods.

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