Vixen Chat: Taj George Talks SWV Reunion and Shares Weightloss Struggles


Taj George Talks WeightlossWhat I do is, I have a shaker bottle. I carry my unsweetened coconut milk with me in the little 8 oz packs. I have my milkshake mix and I shake it up every morning wherever I am. I start my day off with my Virgin shake because if nothing else, I’m gonna get that right. Throughout the day I try to stick with some fruits and vegetables, something healthy. I try to avoid those foods as much as possible.

Is there anywhere in the program where you are juicing at some point because they also say juicing resets your body and your palette.

You can juice if you want [but] you don’t have to on this program. I don’t. I don’t juice at all. For one, I don’t have time to sit at home and juice and if I’m at Whole Foods I can just get a green lemonade which I love and they are quick… Yeah, you can do those, that’s wonderful but like I said with these seven foods, after 21 days once you test those foods back into your system and you don’t have any reaction to them, you can eat it for the rest of your life. When I decided to test back the food the only foods that I did have a problem with was corn, soy and sugar. So, I’ve completely taken soy and corn out of my diet. Sugar is the nemesis that stays on my back cause like I said I’m a stress eater and when I stress I turn to sugar.

Uh huh.

JJ did a whole program on attacking sugar addicts [laughs] so I’m her first genie pig on that one.

That’s definitely me too because I turn to sweets when I’m stressed. I’ll have some sour patch that would save the day!



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