Vixen Chat: Tiffany Evans Talks Motherhood and Music


While most 21-year-olds are busy taking advantage of their newfound freedom to turn up legally, Tiffany Evans finds more satisfaction creating a buzz than betting buzzed. The Bronx-native singer/actress, who landed her first record deal as a preteen, says she’s learned how to manage her own brand and business, while basking in maternal bliss. We caught up with the all “Grown” up singer to discuss her busy life and the importance of taking full control of her career.
— Terry Carter Jr. 
VIBE Vixen: Did you feel any pressure or nervousness about the reaction from your fans before announcing your pregnancy?
Tiffany: I think every young mother kind of gets that anxiety to see if the reactions are gonna be positive or not. After awhile, I was like, you know what I’m happy. I’m married. I have a beautiful baby that’s growing inside of my tummy. I should be just really happy with that and not focus on if anybody has anything to say negative.

Did you have to work hard to lose the baby weight?
You know what’s so funny? After I had her, I said I really want to keep on this weight. I was trying to get a little thick and the baby weight just dropped! I was like, “Oh my god, what happened? (laughs).”
Has motherhood changed your approach to music at all?
I tend to watch the messages I send out in my music because I just want to make sure that it’s healing people, lifting people up. Making people happy. I just want to make sure that it’s nothing that tears another person down because I have a child and I want whatever she listens to building her up as well.
Photo Credit: Mel B Elder Jr.