Vixen Chat: Tiffany Evans Talks Motherhood and Music


Tiffany Evans

We saw the Instagram videos of your precious baby girl singing. Is that something you would be supportive of if she chose to pursue a career in the music industry in the future?

She sings and she dances. If she chose to pursue a career in the music industry, I would be supportive. I know how it is to be blinded by everything that’s going on. I would make sure that I’m there, giving her advice and helping her make the right decisions. Making sure she keeps God first.
Does she have a favorite song for you to sing to her?
She has this song by Yo Gabba Gabba. (Singing) “Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid.” She loves that record!
One of your most memorable songs is “Promise Ring” with Ciara. Do you still have a close relationship with her?
Not anymore, but we were really cool. She was always sweet, very caring. She’s about to become a mommy. I’m a new mommy. Maybe we might reconnect.
As a mommy yourself, what advice you would give to her?
The best advice that I could give is to make sure that new mommies don’t beat themselves up for something they don’t know. A lot of things you don’t know. It’s kinda like a trial and error experience. You have to learn as you go. Just enjoy your child and love on them as much as possible.
You were signed with Mathew Knowles management for a quick while, and then suddenly you decided to part ways; what happened with that whole situation?
It was just time to move forward. Sometimes situations are placed in your life for you to learn certain things. I took whatever I learned from [Mathew] and put it into my own label.
How did you come up with the name for your label and what are your future plans for it?
The name Little Lady Entertainment was my husband’s idea because he says I’m so little, but I’m a boss. I started pushing out my own music through my label and now I’m moving towards making it a production company because I always wanted to get into production and directing.
How important was it for you as a business woman to take control of your own career?
As a woman, you just don’t want to be clueless about what’s going on around you. At some point you want to be able to have creative input. Especially if you are an artist. I always want to make sure whatever I’m singing about or even my image is organic. I don’t want to feel like this is something that is manufactured. It has to be authentic.
I kinda got tired of dealing with that with my [old] label. I was doing this for 10 years and I didn’t know anything because everyone did everything for me. So I took the [independent] route and just said let me learn. Let me learn the business side.
Photo Credit: Calvin Evans