Vixen Chat: Tiffany Evans Talks Motherhood and Music


Tiffany Evans
As far as music, what has been your approach this time around? Do you have any particular direction or sound that has inspired you?
I will say that the new music is very groovy. I love when I hear music and it makes my body move. That’s exactly what I want for my music this time. I know the fans are gonna really be proud of what we come up with.
Vocally, who are some of the artists you admire?
Miguel; I love his style and how he arranges his music. Elle Varner is dope. I love TGT. And Bando Jonez. He’s so refreshing.
For your next project, do you have any dream collaborations or artists you’d like to work with?
All of my dream collaborations are with men. Usher. I love Usher. I think he’s a vocal beast. Justin Timberlake. I would love to work with Timbaland, I think he’s amazing. And Chris Brown.
Given his recent legal troubles, is there any advice you would you give Chris Brown?
The key is to have peace in the midst of chaos. Pray. Ask God what it is that you need to learn from this situation rather than react. I think this is that time for him. I’ll be praying for him too.
Do you ever plan to put out a gospel album?
I do want to do a gospel album. I would just have to talk to God and see what he wants me to say. God has definitely used me in so many ways. I would hear from people all the time that my voice is anointed. Even if I’m signing what they called ‘secular’ music. I just call it love music. It’s not really secular until it’s completely opposite. If you’re singing about love and joy, that’s not seuler because it’s all about what God is about.
If you could go back and tell your younger self something, what would you tell her?
When I was younger, I went through a lot of things and I didn’t have people reassure me a lot. I would just tell her that she’s absolutely beautiful and that she is worth love. She is love. She is worth it. Period.
And lastly, is there anything else you want to tell your fans?
Not only am I releasing unreleased music every week but I’m also going to be doing live sessions and Q&A’s. We’re about to start an entertainment development program with Little Lady Entertainment for people who are aspiring artists to learn what it is to be a performer and I would encourage people to get involved. As far as the new music, ya’ll just gotta stay tuned. It’s gonna be off the chain.
Photo Credit: Calvin Evans