Vixen Chat: Trina Talks New Music, Her Image and French Montana Dating Rumors



Why did you decide to drop your song on Valentine’s Day this year and in the previous year?

To me, Valentine’s Day is just very girly. It’s about mushy stuff, strawberries and flowers and all that good stuff. It’s like one of my favorite holiday’s and “You” was a very emotional record. It’s about love, it’s about being hurt, being taken advantage of and for me that was the motive for that. I dropped the record “Money Ain’t a Problem” because that’s the street and the edge in me. I pay the cost to be the boss, so that was the slick talk.


Do you think that the media portrays an exaggerated or inaccurate image of you?

I think that the media has no idea of who I am and the image that they portray is all over the place. One minute it’s the golden child we love, the next minute it’s the provocative, raunchy person. Don’t get me wrong, I really could care less about the media. I just do what I feel like I want to do and I don’t really justify that with anybody. If I do something, I own up to it. If the media’s lying or they make up their own perception of something, sometimes I don’t really care. You can’t please everybody, you can’t make everybody feel a certain way about you. My music is sexy, it’s raw, it’s raunchy and that’s just what it is. I know who I am and that’s all that matters. My family, my fans and the people that really care about me know, so that’s all that really matters to me. The rest of the world and their opinions, it does not make or break me at all.


Music, Money, Personal life–What’s more important?

My personal life is definitely most important to me because that’s my life. That’s like my temple, that’s everything that I stand for. On a good day or on a bad day, without the cameras rolling without the magazines, without the music, without any of those things, I have a personal life of people that just know me for the person that they don’t see on TV. Sweat pant’s, hair tied in a ponytail, chilling with no make up on watching TV—that’s real life. Money, I don’t think that there’s anything that you can do in life without money. You can’t live for free. You have to eat with it, you have to buy your clothes with it, and it’s a part of life. Music, it’s my baby, it’s my heart and sole and I’ve been doing it for a while. But I know that when all that’s done I still have my personal life, I still have my wealthy, I still have my family and my peace of mind. It’s a priority, but it’s not the most important to me.


How did/do you deal with the rumors about French Montana?

I don’t listen to rumors because rumors are made up by people with their own opinions about stuff they don’t know about. I’m not going to say all the time, but to me that’s what it is. You se somebody hanging out and you automatically assume they’re together. I think some things should just be left alone. That’s really personal to me. If the person wants to say “I’m with this person. I’m engaged, I’m pregnant”—then that’s up to them. French is a great person. He’s an amazing guy and I have the utmost respect for him.


Has your collaboration with Keyshia Dior Cosmetics prompted you to do your own cosmetics line or something similar? 

I did a couple lip glosses before. We were raising money for the victims in Haiti, so it was a charitable event. It was really amazing. It was a lot of work though. I really love cosmetics and beauty, but I haven’t touched on that so deeply. I am still partnering with Ka’Oir for two lipsticks the “Neon Rockstar” and the “Showoff,” which is doing well. Keyshia is an amazing businessperson—I have to give her credit for that—she’s 100 percent about her business, which is really rare. I have a lot of respect for her. I’m not really sure about doing make up or anything like that. I love perfume, I’m already in the making of my perfume, which is exciting. Every girl loves perfume and that’s the reason why I wanted to revamp it and start over.


What’s your secret to staying in shape?

I hate exercising. I really don’t exercise that much. I do exercise just not as much as I should. I eat horrible, I love sweets, I love candy and cupcakes and all those sweet things. What I do is I don’t eat a lot of carbs and I drink a lot of water. I try to do cardio every day. Even if I’m not doing a full work out, I make sure that I at least do 30-minutes of cardio because I know that it keeps your body flowing. I’m the worst person to get to work out. I hate sweating out my hair, so I just try to not pig out on food and I don’t eat crazy stuff. I’ve found a little tricks in the trade to make it work.


Photo Credit: Derek Blanks