Vixen Exclusive: Bravo’s ‘Fashion Queens’ Discuss Rihanna’s CFDA Award and Style Evolution


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VIBE Vixen: What is your definition of a fashion icon?

Bevy Smith: I always like that she wears things with confidence and attitude–it works. She’s a fashion icon because she goes her own way, takes the risk, and when you take a risk in fashion, that means you are going do something that has not been tried before and when you do that, a lot of times you’re going to have mishaps. That is part of being a fashion visionary.

Miss Lawrence: A fashion icon to me is someone like Rihanna–I think that she definitely has earned it. I think that she came along and pretty much galvanized pop culture with her style sensability and turning into being a fashion designer of her own. I think she owns absolutely everything she puts on and she’s always effortlessly chic.

Derek J: Well, in my eyes a fashion icon is a person that exudes personal style. For me, I am very proud of Rihanna for getting this award, but I don’t think she has reached icon status yet. The reason I feel like that is because when it comes to being an icon, their style goes through generations, people know about that person before they even know who that person was. I think she is on her way to become an icon, but do I think she is iconic yet? No.

Do you think it’s a matter of time?

Derek J: It’s just a matter of time and I think it’s a matter of evolution of style. When it comes down to style, Naomi Campbell is an iconic styled woman.