Vixen Exclusive: Bravo’s ‘Fashion Queens’ Discuss Rihanna’s CFDA Award and Style Evolution


2013 American Music Awards - Press Room
As far as Rihanna’s hair, what color/style do you think has worked best for her?
Bevy Smith: Another iconic thing she did is when she rocked that bold cherry red. That look might be big in Carribean communities, but you  never see that look in a high fashion point of view. That’s what I love about Rihanna– she brings urban street fashion into the mainstream conversation.  Many women in the past try to crossover street looks to high fashion. Madonna tried it with cornrows , she had marcel waves; she was trying to show the urban experience, but she never experienced it. With Rihanna, she is just taking from her background and bringing it out to the forefront.
Derek J: My favorite has been the short hair. I even liked it when she did the one sided with the gray tips. My worst was when she wore that wrap with them bobby pins. I hated the fact that it was not done and the fact that you had the nerve to add rhinestone bobby pins.
Miss Lawrence: I think my favorite was that whole red moment that she was doing. I think she wears that color really well because she has such rich undertones in her skin and she has beautiful amazing almond eyes.  My least favorite was the whole wrap moment that she had with the blinged out bobby pins. I think she tried to do a whole silver gray moment one time–that might of been my least favorite color.
Bevy Smith: I didn’t particularly like it, but it was bold.  We see this look countless times in the hood, but she was taking it to an international platform , and she is calling it a style even though it was a maintenance  kind of  look. You know if you are going out tonight, your doobie has to be fresh( laughs). Who knows– maybe her doobie wasn’t ready to let down, so she just ran with it.