Vixen Exclusive: Bravo’s ‘Fashion Queens’ Discuss Rihanna’s CFDA Award and Style Evolution


Do you think her confidence is inspired by her style or vice versa?
Bevy Smith: I think her confidence is there. Are there better singers? Yeah.  Are there better dancers? Yeah. But she is a maverick and she owns her lane. I think when you own your lane, there’s a confidence there that no one can take from you. When you put a fabulous look on top of that–she is the provocateur of music. I think that’s what fuels the style.
What tips can you offer Vixens on finding their own personal style?

Derek J: Find out who that inner person is in you and who you really feel comfortable being. Now, a lot of women know who that person is, but they just don’t feel like that’s the right person to be, so what I tell people to do is name that person. If you want to be this really hood rat chick, then be that girl. If you’re more of that classy and reserved lady, then figure out who that chick is and name her. I think that they get so caught up in what people’s perceptions are of them and they second guess what to do because they’re wondering what so and so is thinking of them. That shouldn’t even matter. If it makes you feel good, it doesn’t really matter.

Bevy Smith: Every season you go, look at what the trends are and then you see how your body type , your finances and your spirit can fit to the trends.  Don’t opt your personal style just to be on trend. For instance, everyone is wearing overalls, right? That is a really big trend, but I cant wear overalls. But to still be in the denim trend, I got a gorgeous denim pencil skirt.  I’ll be part of the trend, but in my own way.

What is on trend this spring?

Bevy Smith:

Pastels- Although it kind of looks Easter,  it is a really great trend for girls and guys. For girls, it makes us look ladylike, young and spirited.  For guys, it makes them look a little more emo; gives them a Drake appeal (laughs).  If you see a guy in a nice pastel pink sweater you are going to think, “Aww he’s a nice guy, but he can really be an asshole (laughs).” It makes everyone look a little softer and nicer.
Atheltic Wear- Gotta have your baseball jackets; gotta have athletic inspired footwear.
Metallics in the daytime-  You know last year was all about a pop of color. This year is all about a pop of shine.  Metallics are becoming more casual. In stores you will see a metallic sweat shirt, sweatpants and of course prints and patterns.
How about hair, Miss Lawrence?

Well, definitely you need to consider your hair texture, your facial shape and your lifestyle. Those are definitely three things you need to consider. Then you want to move into manageability, but I support change 100%.