Vixen Exclusive: The Breakfast Club on Diddy, Revolt and Their Winning Formula


The Breakfast Club

Has he ever tried to change or alter anything you do?
Angela: Let me tell you something. The first time Diddy came on the show, him and Charlamagne got into it.
Charlamagne: Because I talked about how garbage Last Train to Paris was. I mean it’s still garbage. It only had three good songs on it.
Angela: Three good songs nowadays is not a garbage album.
Charlamagne: That’s what he was trying to tell me but no–that’s not something I agree with.
Angela: But yeah so, Diddy actually ended up coming on the show and co-hosting with us for the morning and by the end of the show Charlamagne was holding Ciroc and dancing to Last Train to Paris.
Charlamagne: It was a joke. I was being sarcastic. I did a parody of it based off everybody’s perception, ok? Last train to Paris was garbage. Dirty Money was garbage.
Will we see conflict between the three of you on TV?
Angela: While filming–not on tv.
DJ Envy: Not yet, it’s still early.
Charlamagne: We don’t really have conflict though. We’ve been doing this for four years. We aint never really have no conflict . . like what is conflict?
Angela–how is it being the only female in the group?
DJ Envy: She’s not a female.

Charlamagne: She’s not the only female– there’s two females. (Points at DJ Envy)
Angela: I’ll say this–out the three of us, I am the least sensitive. They say I’m not a female at all, but I’ve always been around a lot of guys. I’ve worked for Wu-Tang. I worked at Shade 45 and was the only female there, so I’m kind of used to it.
Who’s closest with who out of your group?
DJ Envy: I think we’re all pretty close.  I don’t think there’s one person that’s tighter with the other.
Angela: It depends what it is they’re going to talk about.  If they’re going to talk about sports, they’ll call each other about certain things or they’ll call me about certain things. It just depends on what it is.