Vixen Exclusive: The Breakfast Club on Diddy, Revolt and Their Winning Formula


The Breakfast Club

Will the Revolt show delve into your personal lives?
Charlamagne:  Just radio, but I mean we get into eachother’s personal lives on radio.
Angela: You’re watching radio on TV.
Charlamagne, people either love or hate you for your blunt personality. What are your thoughts on that?
Charlamagne:  ‘Cause I am not disrespectful. I got fired four times from radio for “being disrespectful.” I had my program director tell me that I have too much of an opinion and you’re not supposed to have an opinion on radio. I never could subscribe to that bullsh*t because what’s the point of being on radio and you are just announcing the time and the temperature? Like why can’t I talk the way we talk in the hood? Or in the how I talk in the barbershop? Or how ladies talk in the beauty salon? So I just stay true to who I am and let the chips fall where they may.
Did you predict your massive success?
Charlamagne: Yes, all my thoughts have become things. Everything that you see in my life right now I’ve thought about or written down or put on vision boards–everything.
What’s next for all of you?
Angela: I think we’re just going to continue to expand in syndication.

Charlamagne: We’re just getting started and that’s the scary part.
Angela: And Im sure with Revolt, this is going to open up new doors for us as well, so really we’re still working on our branding.

Will you ever leave radio?
Charlamagne: I always want to be on radio.
Angela: The good thing about radio is that it’s the kind of career that really is a career with longevity. It’s something you can do as long as you want to do. Even if you have to go and move into a different format or whatever, but as long as you stay on the post of what’s happening and you’re relatable to people, you can do radio until you retire.
What is your advice for people trying to break into radio?
DJ Envy: Well, Charlamagne started off as an intern. I started off doing a mix at like 4 am on a Sunday morning. I mean just know that they are going to give you sh*t and you just need to grind through that sh*t.
Charlamagne: Yeah just shut up and work.
Angela: I think the main thing is get your foot in the door and once you get your foot in the door, don’t let up. You have to do everything. Be humble, don’t have too much pride and think you’re too good for anything. You have to learn how to use a board.  Just get your foot in the door however it is that you have to get in and if you have an opportunity to get on the air, take that opportunity even if it’s not paid. Money is not going to be the main thing when you first get started. Just understand if you love it and really want to do it,  you are probably not going to get paid for it at first.
Charlamagne: When I moved to New York initially, I worked for Wendy Williams for a year and a half without getting paid, but I recognized the opportunity. You have to take those risks sometimes and gamble on yourself. These millenials don’t understand that.