Vixen Vamp: Guest Blogger Kellee Stewart


Hmmmm? Seeing as though I’ve never lived with a boyfriend you can imagine I’ve become very set in my ways. However we all have to grow up and learn to share at some point…or do we? I guess the right time is when you truly believe you’ve found the right man. Someone you can trust to see you at your best, and your worst…because life will happen to both of you.
My character Kim, in The Soul Man, in many ways feels like she’s met her match as the girlfriend to “Stamps” (Wesley Jonathan). He’s caring, funny, starting a new business and willing to grow with her. And let’s face it, he’s easy on the eyes! Did I say easy on the eyes ladies? lol. But, most importantly, Kim is truly in love and she’s not afraid to give this relationship her very best. With season three of The Soul Man our relationship has finally had a chance to blossom and my on-screen boyfriend has moved into my place and they we seem to be genuinely happy. This doesn’t however detract from the amount of embarrassing moments these two must endure as a new
cohabiting couple trying to find their groove!
Stamps catches Kim without her wig on and he can’t seem to use the bathroom if she’s nearby. Have you ladies every experienced these kind of issues in your real relationships, and if so, write to me here so that we can get the dialogue going.
So, I leave each of you with the thought that it seems that being willing to see each other at their “worst” may be the key for my on-screen relationship to survive as with so many relationships in real life. At least that’s what Stamps and Kim are learning…
Now me, personally, it’s gonna take a very special man to live with my big afro, my Philly flavor, and closet crowding shoe fetish! But hey—I love hard so I’m up for the challenge and I would only hope he is too.
“If you haven’t found the one, stay in the game. As long as your chasing love, your winning!”
-Kellee Stewart
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