Vixen Vent: Black People Are Expected to Fail in Education


I’m concerned the media is getting too much of a ride out of the recent academic successes of the youth in the black community. Recently, reporters and news stations have been celebrating young, black, educated students excelling in academics and it’s starting to feel demeaning. Kwasi Enin was accepted to eight Ivy League schools and the world seems shocked. Why? I think that they should be recognized for their efforts, but it’s coming off disingenuous and shady.

I doubt these young men were the first to make such academic strides, so what is all the hype about? Why is there an emphasis on ethnicity and demographics? Akintunde Ahmad referred to himself as a regular “street dude.” When ABC 7 reporter introduced the video he was puzzled by the reference, as if regular “street dudes” can’t be academically gifted.

In conclusion, it seems that black folks from the hood aren’t expected to succeed, or go to Ivy League schools, and if we do, we must be “gifted” and “special.” Akintunde proudly admits that he is a product of the public school system in Oakland—he’s not the chosen one.


Photo Credit(s): CNN