Vixen Verified: Alvin Ailey’s Ailey II Dominate Their 2014 Season


Ailey II Dancers

Cuore Sott’olio was by far my favorite number of the night. From the surprise replacement of dancers throughout the piece to the chemistry between the duo and male trio–this was a performance that reflected Ailey’s long revered reputation. The strength between the men and women didn’t overshadow their story but was appropriately displayed and Alva Noto and Vincio Capossela’s music worked well with the different dynamics. Cuore made up for my thoughts on the beginning number and got me excited to see what else the night had in store.

Wings told the best story out of the three productions. All the issues and thoughts of the first number were made up by the closing production. The intensity and communication between the dancers riveled what the main company is known for.

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