Vixen Verified: Alvin Ailey’s Ailey II Dominate Their 2014 Season


Ailey II dancers

First year members Aubree Brown, Shay Bland, Jacquelin Harris and Danica Paulos demanded attention on the stage. Those four ladies made the steps their own and I wouldn’t have known they were newbies by their command of the crowd. Male dancers Jamal White, David Freeland Jr. and Gentry George were also must see’s. While I missed seeing George in the duo selection, he used his time in the spotlight for all it was worth. This company represents the present and future of the prestigious muliticultural school.

With a week left of performances, we “Vixen Verify” and recommend seeing Ailey II while they are in NYC this week. Celebrating 40 years of inception, you’ll hate yourself if you miss out on their explosive introduction as the future of Ailey.

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