Watch: HBO Sports Takes A Look At Pacquiao and Bradley’s Road To Their Rematch


With the rematch fight between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley Jr. just a few days away, HBO has released two of a three part series that takes a look into the lives of both Pacquiao and Bradley on their road to their April 12th smack down. Both welterweight champions welcome HBO into their homes and around their family to get an inside look of how the boxers spend their days before their most talked about rematch takes place. The series also looks back at Bradley and Pacquiao’s first fight against each other where Bradley takes a victory and leaves Pacquiao and fans stunned.

“I know everybody don’t feel that I won the first fight, ” says Bradley. “This fight is basically redemption for me. I’m going to beat Manny Pacquiao to get the credit that I didn’t get in the first fight.”

Check out episode 2 below.

24/7 Pacquiao/Bradley 2 show 3 debuts Thur., April 10 on HBO. It all leads up to their live pay-per-view fight on Sat., April 12th.