What Was Manny Pacquiao’s Mother Doing During His Timothy Bradley Fight?


Manny Pacquiao beat out Timothy Bradley last night with a unanimous decision win, earning back the WBO welterweight belt he lost back in 2012. While Bradley got off to a fiery start, PacMan picked up steam for the W in the highly-aniticipated rematch. And while Bradley claims he pulled a calf muscle early on in the bout, viewers pinned down another culprit in his loss: Manny’s mother, Dionisia Pacquiao.

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The HBO cameras caught a clip of Mama Pacquiao – a devoted Catholic – with a rosary in her hand, making gestures towards the ring while seemingly chanting. Naturally, social network posts started swirling with rumors that Mama Pacquiao put a hex of some sort on Bradley, which caused him to lose the fight.

“I tried, I really tried,” Bradley said after the fight. “I really wanted that knockout. Manny is a great fighter, one of the best in the world. I tried throwing something over the top. I knew I had to do more in this fight than the last fight.”

Welp. Take a look at the videos and let us know what you think happened.