What You Should Be Doing This Weekend: Pharrell’s New Book, ‘The Other Woman,’ Twerk Like Amber & More


With another work week down (for most of us), there is plenty to catch up on and get into. Some may have the ultimate turn-up plans, while others just want to unwind, but you may find a moment or two where boredom can creep in. Luckily, between album anniversaries, new music, television reruns and the good ol’ Internet, we got you covered. Here’s What You Should Be Doing This Weekend. – Iyana Robertson

1. Bumping Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik
Today marks the 20th anniversary of Outkast’s debut album, Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik. As you stay amped for the legendary hip-hop duo’s series of reunion shows, head back to where the ATLiens got started, featuring “Players Ball.”

2. Checking out Future’s Honest
Fewtch’s sophomore effort hit stores this week, and if you weren’t able to give it a spin, or are still formulating your opinion on it, throw it in this weekend’s rotation. Honest features “I Won” with Kanye West and “Whatchola (Benz Friendz)” with none other than Andre 3000.

3. Read (well, write) Pharrell’s new book
If you haven’t gotten the memo that everything Pharrell does is out-the-box, here is yet another reminder. The superproducer/”Marilyn Monroe” singer/soon-to-be television host has written a book (not the cookbook we guessed), but if you want to buy a copy, you’d better get to filling in the blanks on the incomplete Web version. That’s right. Check it out here.

4. Telling Beyonce what pretty means to you.
Being one of the most influential people in the world ain’t easy, but Beyonce makes it look effortless. And now, the singer has launched a campaign in conjunction with her “Pretty Hurts” single, encouraging people to share their definitions of the word pretty. Check it out here.

5. Going to see Brick Mansions
The first of two films that Paul Walker shot before his tragic death, Brick Mansions is the story of a Detroit cop, Damien Collier (Walker), who seeks to take down a notorious crime lord Tremaine (played by RZA) and avenge his father’s death. May be an emotional ride for Walker’s fans.

6. Going to see The Other Woman
In her first on-screen role in a feature film, Nicki Minaj plays an assistant, Lydia, who offers witty one-liners to Cameron Diaz’s character Carly Whitten, a woman who just found out her boyfriend is married. Might make for a little girl’s night out fun.

7. Watching the Atlanta Housewives brawl aftermath
The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion is the most talked-about reality series as of late, all due to a “brawl” that went down last weekend. If you missed it, tune in for a definite replay, or just to see what happened next.


8. Reliving the 2000s
If you have absolutely nothing on your agenda this Saturday night, one option is to spend it in nostalgia. VH1 is re-airing their ‘100 Greatest Songs Of The ‘00s’ series, and that was damn-good decade of music. (You don’t have to tell anyone you were glued to the TV for 5 hours, either.)

9. Keeping up with NBA Playoffs
The NBA Playoffs are well underway, and watching your favorite teams battle out on the hardwood will make for a good investment of extra time over the next few weeks. Are the Heat shaping up to have the only Round 1 sweep? Will the Grizzlies cause an upset and go 3-1 against the Thunder? Find out.

10. Practice your Amber Rose twerk routine
All you need is a spare 15-seconds for this one. Because it hasn’t gotten old (to us) yet, if you missed out on Amber Rose’s booty-popping Instagram video, have a look and bask in the twerking glory. And if you have seen it already, have (another) look, and bask in the twerking glory (again).