Who Won Instagram This Week: Beyonce Takes A Selfie, Miley Dances, Nas Celebrates ‘Illmatic’


Hypothetical question: does anyone look better than Rihanna? Let’s just crown her and Nicki Minaj the dynamic duo of IG. Elsewhere on everyone’s favorite social network, Nas kept a bottle of Henny nearby while celebrating 20 years of Illmatic, Miley Cyrus did a little dance, and Tyler was up to his usual shenanigans.

See more attention-seeking star snapshots below and tell us who won Instagram this week.

All on Instagram, cake by the pound…

Nicki got real classy for the MTV Movie Awards.

Baby North grows wings.

Kim Kardashian goes under the sea.

Nas suits up for the Tribeca Film Festival screening of Time Is Illmatic.

Just three bros chillin’ at the beach.

Watch Miley get down.

Nas spent the whole week celebrating Illmatic.

Tyler shows his ass.

Usher auditioning for The Hulk.

Serenity now…

Sam Smith and MJB