10 Celebs That Slay Two-Piece Outfits

It’s official: 2014 is the year of the midriff. Celebrities and women on the streets of metropolitan cities alike have all been wearing the heck out of crop tops and two-piece sets. This comes as no surprise since fashion repeats itself decade after decade and we are excited to see how everyone interprets it. Whether it’s body-baring hotties like Draya Michele or hipster beauties like Zoe Kravitz, many celebs are hopping on this trend like it’s “Nobodies Business” (we see you in your sky blue ensemble, Rihanna).

Check out 9 more celebs that slay two-piece outfits while we go do about 100 crunches. See you on June 21 (the official beginning of summer for those who flunked earth science class, lol).

Photo Credit: Getty Images and Instagram