10 Movie Roles We Can See Jay Z Playing


The random “Run” trailer finds Beyoncé and Jay Z running and gunning as the ’14 Bonnie and Clyde. It reminds us of Hov’s Streets is Watching days. And guess what? He’s not bad! The film world’s already been infiltrated by rappers like Diddy, Ludacris, Ice Cube, Ice-T, 50 Cent, T.I., LL Cool J, Queen Latifah, Will Smith, The Game, DMX, Nas (okay, you get it)… Even Drake and Lil Wayne have had bit roles.

But Jay Z has remained above the fray for most of these years, just wasting his comedic chops. Below, 10 movie roles Shawn Carter should consider playing. He’s sold kilos of coke…. and CDs… We’re guessing he can fill a few seats.

1. President of the United States
There’ve been other black presidents in film (see: Chris Rock), but Jay Z’s would be the swaggiest.

2. Bank robber
As seen in “Run” and life in general, Jay plays the wise-cracking bad guy very well.

3. Lead in a romantic comedy
It’s hard to imagine Jay hugging up on anyone but Bey, but that’s the beauty of film. Hov could show us his softer side in an unconventional rom-com.

4. Drug lord
Self-explanatory. See Reasonable Doubt and his entire discography.

5. Club owner

6. Cop
Despite their past gangsta personas, Ice-T and Ice Cube both flipped the script and played 5-0. Jay Z could, too. Ride Along 3 anyone?

7. Monster
Everybody knows…

8. CEO of a tech company
Picture the businessman (man) bossing employees around and cracking jokes in the conference room.

9. Voice of an animated character
Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé have done it.

10. Jay Z
Of course, Jay Z is best at being himself. In the story of Jay Z, starring Jay Z, Jay Z would probably do a decent job.