10 Non-Rappers Lil Wayne Has Beefed With In The Past

It’s no secret that Lil Wayne has endured his fair share of beefs with his fellow rappers. From Jay Z and Pusha T to Kanye West and 50 Cent, Weezy has engaged in wars of words with quite a few MCs over the years. But he’s also gotten into it with plenty of non-rappers as well. Just this week, Wayne took some shots at Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun after Braun allegedly made some disparaging remarks about his Young Money artist Lil Twist.

“I heard that they got a bitch ass nigga named Scooter Braun that be runnin’ with my little brother Justin Bieber,” he said in a video that was recorded by DJ Scoob Doo. “I heard this bitch ass nigga Scooter talkin’ shit about my little brother [Lil Twist]. Nigga, this my motherfuckin’ brother. Anything you got to say, when you see me, say it to my motherfuckin’ face.”

And while Justin Bieber himself immediately tried to squash the issues between Wayne and his manager, his latest beef with Braun proves that he’s not afraid to get into it with, well, anyone. So in light of his recent comments about Braun, we put together a list of 10 non-rappers Lil Wayne has beefed with in the past. As you’ll see, Wayne is always ready for war.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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