10 Positive Things Chris Brown Should Do Once He’s Out of Jail [Gif]


Chris Brown gif

We’re pretty sure this isn’t how Chris Brown envisioned his 25th birthday.

After running out of excuses for his actions, he’s staring his consequences in the face. Instead of popping bottles, his short temper’s rippling affect landed him in jail during his quarter century celebration while he tries to clear up some of his legal issues. As fans on the outside await his release on the ninth, we hope he focuses on changing his unproductive ways for the sake of his career and, even more importantly, his well-being.

Once the singer steps back into normalcy, our fingers are crossed that we’ll see a matured version of the “Run It” kid instead of the rehab booted, word spewing, social handle deleting star he’s turned into recently. Although we can’t force him to turn over a new leaf we can give him ideas on how to, no?

Here are 10 things Breezy should do to stay out of trouble!