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10 Rappers Accused Of Stealing Song Hooks

From flows and beats to styles and samples, it’s not uncommon to see a rapper seek inspiration from a fellow MC. But what happens when an artist straight up jacks an idea from one of his comrades? The rapper who feels like he’s had something stolen is usually not happy.

The most recent example of this is what’s taking place between 2 Chainz and Lil’ Reese right now. 2 Chainz released a new song called “Wuda Cuda Shuda,” featuring Lil’ Boosie, and Reese thinks the hook on the song is a blatant ripoff of a line that he spit on Lil’ Herb’s “On My Soul.” He’s gone on the record to let the world know that he’s angry.

2 Chainz has denied that he used Reese’s raps to craft his hook. Regardless, he’s not the first rapper to come under fire for allegedly jacking a chorus. Here are 10 rappers who’ve been accused of stealing hooks from other artists.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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