5 Hip Hop Songs Yankees Legend Mariano Rivera Could Come Out To


The good folks at New Era invited us to test out their newly designed Diamond Era hats, yesterday at Yankee Stadium. The fitteds are built to handle UV rays from the sun, absorb sweat and help players stay cool in pressure situations. To give us a taste of how stressful it can get on the field, New Era put us in the batting cage against New York Yankees legend Mariano Rivera.

Harder to find a better way to see if the hats really work, than staring down a baseball coming from the greatest closer in baseball history. Much like the new fitteds the Yankees and Mets are wearing in the Subway Series, Mo‘ was mad cool. If Jay Z really made the Yankee hat more famous than a Yankee can, Rivera did the same for Metalica’s song Enter The Sandman when he came out to finish off opponents.

If Mo’ came out of retirement (and trust, he still got the heat on that arm), it’d be dope if switched up his theme music a little bit. So what songs would fit his style, personality and essentially tell his opponents ‘Hey, thanks for playing’? We gave it some thought and these are the five that fit.