Agree or Nah? Toni Braxton Talks Charging Her Kids Rent [Video]


If there’s anyone that knows the value of managing your finances, it’s Toni Braxton. The twice bankrupt star recently sat down with Queen Latifah and during their chat, she dished on charging her two young sons rent.

“They get ten and twelve dollars a week, and one pays me two dollars, the other pays me three dollars. Seventy-five cents for gas and electric and fifty cents for cable and things like that,” she said.
“Just so they can understand the value of a dollar and they can understand that when you get older and have to leave, you have to pay bills. It was a shock to me when I found out I had to pay bills, like, ‘What do you mean rent?!’ So I thought I should instill that into my little boys.”
We’re not surprised that Toni is trying to instill savvy decision making into her kids, but do you think it’s a bit much? Sound off in the comments below.


Photo Credit: Getty Images