Vixen Exclusive: Ashley Kimbrae feat. Brian Angel ‘With You’

Ashley Kimbrae wants you to re-fall in love with your significant other on her new single, “With You.” The Music Matter’s alumni teams up with Day 26’s Brian Angel to complete her sultry piano-heavy ballad. “It was great working with him, he’s like a big brother to me,” the Dallas native said about their collaboration. “I’ve always been a fan of his from the day I first heard him sing on Making the Band 4, so for us to actually have a song together means so much.”

Like the true love-influenced classics before them, Angel sings about sacrificing his material things for love as Ashley shows off her impeccable vocal ranges. Kimbrae’s Vixen exclusive will be on her EP The Process, due this summer.

Slow down your work week and listen to this infectious love jones.