Bashy Shares Top 10 Favorite Films Of All Time


Independent music artist, actor and entrepreneur Ashley ‘Bashy’ Thomas, one of the UK’s most seminal urban talents releases his new single, “Bring The Lights Down” today, May 5, the second cut from his much anticipated forthcoming EP.

Watch the video for Bashy’s tune, below, then peep his 10 favorite films of all time after the jump.

1. There Will Be Blood
“Three words: Daniel Day Lewis.”

2. Braveheart
“I loved studying the Medieval world, that’s why I love Game of Thrones. This is like the real deal version, it’s very epic”.

3. Boyz In The Hood
“This film gave me an insight to what it’s like in LA and the story arc was dope. When Ricky dies and his mom reads his test score which allows him to go to college is truly heartbreaking. Under John Singletons direction you really felt like you were there.”

4. Godfather I
“The intricate insight to the family structure was just incredible. It’s slow and intense, #Classic.”

5. Godfather II
“The only film I’ve seen that equals if not betters the original. The prequel shows the history whilst seamlessly blending with the present story.”

6. Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo & Juliet
“Definition of stylized. Shakespeare brought to life and once again engaging with the people Shakespeare intended to write his plays for, before the powers that be used to separate the classes: the everyday people.”

7. Full Metal Jacket
“Best War Film ever in my opinion, Gunnery Sergeant Hartman was fantastic.”

8. Gladiator

9. The Skin I Live In
“Storytelling at its finest”

10. The Matrix
“Complete game changer.”