Beyonce Wants to Know #WhatIsPretty?

Beyonce What is Pretty8

“Pretty Hurts” isn’t just a #1 single, it’s a catapulting campaign, digital destination, and as of today, a #1 user-generated video montage. Following her official release of the song last week, Beyonce launched in an effort to highlight everyone’s ideals of beauty.

Beyhive members have the opportunity to upload almost anything that coincides with the site’s purpose. Since it’s launch, thousands of images, captions, and videos have appeared on the esteem-boosting webpage. The great thing about the site is that it was created in conjunction with Instagam. Once you authorize the site to access to your personal feed, any pictures with the hashtag #whatispretty will automatically upload to the superstar’s website.

If you haven’t already seen the “Pretty Hurts” music video, check it out on the next page and view our favorite images from the campaign.