Blowing Up: 10 Of Lance Stephenson’s Best Playoff Memes


Whether you like him or not, Indiana Pacers guard, Lance Stephenson is slowly becoming a household name. Sure, he blew in LeBron James’ ear but desperate times call for desperate measures. With the Pacers trailing LeBron’s Miami Heat 3-1 in the series, potentially losing a game that could end your season is about as needy as it gets in the NBA. Stephenson was just doing what he thought would help his team win in a tight situation.

He also opened up pandora’s box for a ton of great internet memes. Who could forget the one’s that hit twitter and Instagram after he flopped and fell mid-court? Take a look at some of Born Ready’s best photoshopped pics. Feel free to leave your own caption in the comments below. Watch the game tonight at 8:30 (EST) on ESPN to see what Lance does next.