A Brief History Of Nicki Minaj‘s Bossiest Lyrics

Nicki Minaj recently told MTV News that she doesn’t see herself as just a “female rapper” anymore because of her many accomplishments. Just call her a rapper. Even before that statement, she’s been telling us why she’s the baddest businesswoman in the room. Here, 10 of Nicki’s bossiest lyrics to date. —Richy Rosario

1.“Got two bones to pick I’mma only choose one/You might get addressed on the second album/Which means you can breathe ’til I motherfucking say so” —“I’m The Best” (Pink Friday)
On the onset of Nicki’s blow-up success, she faced some adversity from a woman who paved the way for female rappers. And from another who quite frankly, isn’t (or ever was) as mainstream. If you still haven’t figured out who these two are—we’re talking about Lil Kim and Keys. Here, Nicki only chooses to address one, leaving the other one to exhale at her command. Because, really, “What the fuck they gon’ say,” she’s “The best bitch doing it, doing it.”

2. “Baddest underground since Harriet Tub/That’s why when I come around they hurry and run/And I know it ain’t math, but I carry the one” —“Beam Me Up Scotty” (Beam Me Up Scotty)
In 2009, Nicki very well knew she was slaying the underground game. On this track she reiterates that she’s ruling while others are running. And like a true boss, she also demands some West Indian cuisine: “Where the fuck my curry chicken and my rice and peas?”

3. “Now all these bitches wanna try and be my bestie/But I take a left and leave them hangin’ like a teste/Trash talk to ‘em then I put ‘em in a Hefty/Runnin’ down the court I’m dunkin’ on ‘em, Lisa Leslie” —Ludacris’ “My Chick Bad”
Once again, Nicki is the head bitch in charge. She doesn’t need any minions or “friends.” Instead, she transcends above them, literally. Which proves indeed she’s a bad-hood-bossy-chick who’s her own entourage. Right Luda?