Carlos Santana Talks ‘Corazón’ Album, Calls Miguel ‘Inspiring’

When it comes to pulling strings, Carlos Santana is a true OG.

The legendary Mexican-American guitarist dropped his first Spanish album Corazón two weeks ago, and like 1999’s Supernatural, he’s assembled an all-star roster of Latin talent to wave the flag, from Pitbull to Gloria Estefan.

Of Miguel, who is featured on the song “Indy,” Santana says: “I have so much respect and admiration for his conviction. The way he presents his soul, his spirit and his heart. He presents himself with such a clarity of knowing who he is. It’s so inspiring to me.”

Santana sat down with VIBE last week to talk about the making of the album and future aspirations of working with Miguel and Romeo Santos. ¡Mira! —John Kennedy