Carnival Shots! The Most Electrifying Photos From EDC New York 2014

While many may have been roasting hot dogs and sitting poolside this Memorial Day weekend, the youth of New York could be found on the grounds of New Jersey’s MetLife stadium where Insomniac Events was hosting the New York chapter of its Electronic Daisy Carnival series. Though this weekend represented EDC’s third year in the Big Apple, it was the Insomniac-produced festival’s first year facing competition with Mysteryland right up the road in New York’s Bethel Woods for its inaugural U.S. event.

Though EDM diehards became conflicted on which festival to throw their hundreds of dollars out, those who turned out for EDC New York were not met with disappointment considering their step up in attractions, stage sets and vendors. Last year saw the festival at the Queens borough’s Citi Field parking lot where it had shown to be a set back due to the confined space it provided. Now with its return to MetLife, EDC has all the space it could need for two larger than life stage sets designed by Stephen Lieberman sporting visuals provided by V-Squared Labs, as well as a smaller stage in the actual arena.

Rides were also bountiful (and free) where patrons can have their pick of adrenaline rushing options such as the Rainbow or a more calm/scenic journey with the Ferris wheel. It’s basically the nostalgia of being a kid but with the perks of being an adult.

For those who weren’t able to make it to this year’s EDC New York (or are still feeling nostalgic for the epic weekend), check out these pics from the V-files of the bass-infused circus that went down last weekend. ->

Photo credit: aLIVE Coverage