Celebrities Who Admitted to Having an Abortion


Lil Mo

On average, one in three women will have an abortion in their lifetime. Once the  controversial decision to terminate a pregnancy is made, it’s never spoken of there after… unless, of course,  you’re in the public eye. As a celebrity, cleaning out one’s closets often means sharing deets on the daunting decision.

Lil Mo opened up about her past in recent interview with Power 105.1 and admitted to aborting the last child she conceived with her estranged husband. “May 5th I had to get an abortion—he just kept trying to get me pregnant and do dumb stuff,” the singer told the radio station.

She’s not the only person to share her despondent resolution. Flip the page to see other celebs who didn’t finish their nine months.

Lil Mo

 Photo Credit: Instagram