Celebrity Commencement Speakers for Class of 2014


graduation hats

Graduation is around the corner and if you don’t continue your studies, you’re one step closer to entering the real world. As you pack up your living space and party one last time with your class, you count down the days to your tearful bow at graduation. Unlike most speeches you’ll continuously hear through out your life, your commencement address will remain with you forever. It’s the only epilogue to your collegiate book that you’ll hear while sitting next to anxious peers gearing for the unknowns of adulthood.

Being selected as a speaker of this magnitude is an honor that has been bestowed on some of our favorite celebrities. With notable politicians and execs with similar statement-making orations, having a star instill their particular bit of wisdom can be a refreshing twist to a bittersweet moment. This spring, as you prepare to flip your tassel, a heap of famous folks are drafting some sentimental scripts of their own.

All Photos Credit: Getty