Columbus Short Leaks Footage of Estranged Wife Beating Friend [Video]


Columbus Short continues to create real life “scandal” weeks after being fired from the top rated Shonda Rhimes series. Today, TMZ released footage of the troubled actor’s wife beating up a close female friend.

Allegedly, the woman in question–Tilly Key–was asked to swing by Columbus and Tanee’s home to pick him up after posting bail for a previous domestic violence dispute. After discovering another woman inside her home, Tanee channeled her anger through punching and spitting.

The man behind the camera is Columbus himself, who may be trying to end rumors that he is the violent one in their tumultuous relationship. We do find it strange that he would stand quietly while his friend is being attacked.

Let’s hope these two can learn to keep their dirty laundry out of the public eye and get the help they need.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images