Donald Sterling Sounds Off On NBA Charges In A 32-Page Letter


This Donald Sterling guy is a fighter. Instead of bowing out gracefully from his racial snafu or patiently waiting for his upcoming trial with the NBA, the (hopefully former) Los Angeles Clippers owner is clapping back on the accusations piling up against him.

In a 32-page long reaction letter, Sterling insists that his private comments shouldn’t be used against him in this manner and being forced to sell the Clippers is “illegal.” He also stresses how extreme his punishment is in comparison to other people’s, citing Kobe Bryant’s $100,000 fine for calling a referee a “f*cking f**got.”

Sterling will officially find out his fate June 3, but until then, take a gander at the rather lengthy document right here. You might want to block out some time for this one.

Photo Credit: Getty Images