Exclusive Download: Jesse Perez Redefines Bump N Grind

What do you get when you combine house music with Miami Bass, the uninhibited atmosphere of ‘backyard parties’, some Cuban flavor and a large helping of ghetto sleaze? Jesse Perez that’s what and he’s the man behind a back catalogue of fresh, booty shaking house that is sure to send any party into overdrive. He’s handed us over a sleazy cut from his second artist album ‘Kama Sucia (The Art Of Slangin’ D)’ as a VIBE exclusive free download. ‘4 Real’ (featuring Cashy) plays out like a ghetto love story, with x-rated samples and a down-tempo hip-hop groove.

Jesse brings party vibes, he calls the style of house he makes ‘bump n grind.’ When he makes music he imagines men and women getting loose with one another on the dancefloor to his beats and encourages everyone to get down and dirty when he’s performing. The Miami resident has been DJing for 14 years and is one of the city’s most talented exports traveling to Europe frequently, with a huge fan base in the UK and further afield.

VIBE have also bagged the exclusive premiere of a short film, featuring Jesse, which gives some insight into what he’s about and what goes down when he jumps on the decks. Check it out below…

For more information on Jesse, head over to his Facebook page and you can pick up his album right here.