Find Out Who Has The Largest Vocabulary In Hip-Hop


Rap’s wordplay just got funner. Data coder, scientist and designer Matt Daniels has examined the extensive vocabulary of hip hop’s finest and shared his findings.

By using the first 35,000 lyrics of different MCs, he compared artists like Drake, Jay Z and DMX to see who had the most impressive vocabulary in the game. Unfortunately, lyrically gifted acts like Kendrick Lamar and the Notorious B.I.G had to be excluded due to lack of official material.

​There were some lesser known names on the list that placed higher than legendary names like Nas and Outkast. Aesop Rock came out on top with 7,392 unique words used. GZA came in second while his other Wu-Tang comrades landed all through the top ten and beyond. Rappers Kool Keith, Canibus and rap trio the CunninLyguists rounded out the top five.

Check out the graphics and breakdown here.​

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