#FitnessFlow: Aerial Aerobics Edition



We love sweating in our stilettos. In fact, we get off on it. (And we don’t mean in the club.)

But we realize that pole class isn’t for everyone, so if you’re looking for an alternative workout regimen, kick off your eff-me pumps and save the strip tease for amateur night. It’s time to get your Cirque du Soul on. We’ve been curious about the buzz, so we decided to hit up our favorite NYC dance studio, the illustrious Body & Pole, to try our hand at Aerial Aerobics, the latest trend in wild workouts. We had so much fun, we may even start a class of our own—Trap Music Trapeze.

Watch the latest installment of our #FitnessFlow series and find out how to keep your workouts fun and fly. Literally.

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