Gentleman’s Corner: McKinley Freeman Talks ‘Hit The Floor’


McKinley Freeman

Hit The Floor proved to be a VH1 fan favorite since it first debuted a year ago on Memorial Day. Unofficially kicking off summer with their smash hit, fans faithfully hashtag together Monday nights to see the L.A. Devils and Devils Girls as they navigate the lust and temptation of their professional careers. McKinley Freeman is one of the ladies’ favorites and a scene stealer as he flexes his abs and shows off his devilish grin. As we gawk over his bad boy TV persona Derek Roman, Vixen caught back up with the real life sweetheart to talk TV and sex—just not in the same sentence.

Riding high off the success of his character and the series, Freeman preps for the new season with high anticipation and appreciation for the fans who have yet to decide if they love or hate him, “That’s what makes it fun because it’s part of a process or journey that you take with a character or story. Sometimes it can be an amazing experience and sometimes it can be frustrating.”

Tuning away from the fictional and entering the real, we got to know more about the bachelor. With the steamy previews for season two, we played ?uestlove with the actor. Opening up his black book, McKinley divulged on what appeases him about a woman and what he can do without from nudes to promiscuous DM messages. As you count down the hours until the he returns to the small screen, check out his Gentleman’s Corner and learn more about our #MCM in the basketball shorts.

Photo Credit: Instagram