Gentleman’s Corner: McKinley Freeman Talks ‘Hit The Floor’


McKinley Freeman

VIBE Vixen: How has the reaction from last season prepared to get you pumped for this season?

McKinley Freeman: I think the way the whole summer played out was amazing. I think this summer what it really did for me is I’m really excited to see how people are going to get into the storyline and the stuff we been working on since January. The story itself is going to be an intriguing one and I think there’s surprises and lots of drama. It’s going to be fun to see how people take it.

Do you think fans will love or hate you this season?

I would probably say both. As with anything else, I think there’s a chance that people will say, “Wow he’s the kind of guy we can ride with,” and there’s probably gonna be times where it’s like, “Man I can’t believe this dude,” you know what I mean? That’s what makes it fun. It’s part of a process or journey that you take with a character or story and sometimes it can be an amazing experience and sometimes it can be frustrating.

We didn’t really get too much into your back story last season, do you think we will see more of who you are off the court and your family and all that this season?

As a whole, not just my character, but I just think the story in general the second season was digs a little bit deeper and kind of gives people some context to why people behave the way that they do or why they are or why they live or act a certain way. I think they did a really good job of starting to peel back the layers of the onion and make the characters three dimensional.

Everyone on the show has a secret. Who will fans be most surprised with the biggest secret, the biggest shocker?

That is a question I wish I could answer. But I will say this. I’ll say that there’s stuff that happens as it relates to how we get information that we don’t even know. There’s stuff that shocks us as much as it shocks the people that are watching.