Gentleman’s Corner: McKinley Freeman Talks ‘Hit The Floor’


mckinley freeman

Out of all the scenes that you shoot, like your sex scenes, your basketball scenes and your drama and all that which ones are the hardest to shoot?

A lot of it is just really being focused no matter what the challenge may be because you’ll never know like they might change lines or they might change the order of what they are shooting so its really important to just be on point and ready regardless. I think with the basketball stuff it’s very specific with the camera angles and you’ve got people in the stands. You wanna make sure you make the shot so you don’t have to do it 50 times, you know what I mean? But each of those scenes whether it be drama, basketball, sex scene or whatever the case may be presents obstacles but at the end of the day the crew is so supportive from the executive producers all the way down to Michelle and Kevin our craft services people.

What topic haven’t the producers touched on that you hope they touch on soon?

It’s credit to James Larosa and Don Whitfield, Holly Henderson his wife, our writing team, and the producers. They’ve done a great job of not only writing things that make you ask questions but then writing things that answer those questions that only lead you to ask more questions. So like I think it would be cool to explore more family stuff as it relates to some of the characters or what the future might hold but I think all those things will come in time.

When you watch yourself, is it like a surreal feeling?

Let me tell you something, I get so nervous when the show comes on. We watch the show as a cast and in the beginning it was difficult for me because it makes me nervous to watch stuff at home in my apartment by myself. Let alone like 30 or 40 people, but the real cool thing about watching it as a group I get to see what everybody else is doing because we really don’t have the luxury of, because of way our schedules go, I don’t get to see what Logan [Browning] or Kimberly [Elise] or Dean [Cain] or whatever are doing, so it’s a cool opportunity to see everybody else’s work. So it’s fun in that regard but for me personally—like last year when we would watch it all together I would literally have my back to people.

Getting a little off topic and more about you, what’s one ungoogable truth about you?

I don’t know what’s out there. Well McKinley is my middle name. My first name is David and McKinley is my middle name and I’ve been going by McKinley forever. It’s funny because people think I made it up like no that’s actually on my birth certificate.