Gentleman’s Corner: McKinley Freeman Talks ‘Hit The Floor’


VIBE-Vixen-Mckinley Freeman


Vixen ?uestlove Game:

If your sex life were a song, what would it be?

“How Does it Feel” by D’Angelo. First of all that’s real R&B to me. Like D’Angelo is one the most underrated artists of all time in my opinion. But for me when it comes to being intimate with someone, it’s a one-on-one experience. It’s definitely something very sensual about the whole thing.

Heels versus sneakers?

Both. Well I appreciate a woman that can pull of sneakers because I think it’s kind of sexy but there’s nothing wrong with heels whether it be for dinner or whatever. I like both of them.

What’s a deal breaker for you?

A dealbreaker for me is definitely people talking about other people. That type of thing I can’t be around.

What would be a nightmare date for you?

A nightmare date for me would be… I would say being in a situation where it’s uncomfortable to walk away so you have to stay it until its over. Like in the Titanic movie where the people were playing the violins they were like, “Aww man this is the end.” Like I just can’t leave I have no other choice so it would probably be something along those lines. I’m real big on being comfortable and honest. Like if I don’t want to be somewhere, I’ll leave. It doesn’t matter where I am.

Do you sext?

I send messages that range in that area potentially. It’s just flirting with someone that you’re interested in and they’re interested in you. I try not to have many pictures floating around so. I draw the limit at letters. [laughs] I could see how sexting could be a turn off and I see how it can be a turn on so it would just depend on the situation. If it was a situation that called for sexting I would be sexting all my characters away, I promise.

Do you send or receive nudes?

I’ve received nudes. It happens in life but I’m not a big person on [it]. I mean let’s be honest, you can go on my Instagram page and you could pretty much see everything except my business so it’s not like any of that stuff isn’t already out there except for that. I think for most people it might just be the idea of it you know what I mean? The idea of something is actually more important than getting something. It’s imagination, it’s the idea.

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