George Zimmerman’s Biggest Supporter Frank Taaffe Now Says He’s Guilty


George Zimmerman’s best friend and fellow neighborhood watch, Frank Taaffe, is now seeking justice for Trayvon Martin. If you remember he was a major advocate for George’s innocence but now he’s saying his friend got away with murder.

In a recent interview with Orlando News 13 Zimmerman’s former supporter contradicted his original statements that his friend was “the victim” as he only wanted to “ensure the safety of the community he lived in.” Statements he originally and very vocally said to anyone who would listen during the trial.

“What I know of George and his tendencies and also my opinion is that he racially profiled Trayvon Martin that night,” he said in a statement to Orlando News 13. “If that had been a white kid on a cellphone, walking through our neighborhood, he wouldn’t have stayed on him the way he did, and that’s a fact, and I believe that in my heart. I can only ask for the country to forgive me and today I believe that he racially profiled him based on the color of his skin,” he said.

Why a sudden change of heart? Taaffe—who denied a book or TV show deal—is now feeling the pain and anguish the Trayvon’s family felt as he’s lost his brother and two sons in recent months.