Girl Fight: Teyana Taylor Posts Lashontae Heckard’s Number


Lashontae Heckard

The Basketball Wives: Actress vs Singer saga continues this time much nastier than the last.

Following Teyana Taylor opening up about her former friend Lashontae Heckard dating her ex fiancé Brandon Jennings on the Breakfast Club, Tae subliminally told her side via Instagram.

“2 club encounters, 2 industry birthday parties, 1 yacht party. 2 miscellaneous phone calls, 2 club photos, a follow on social media and a pair of kicks u sent my best friend to give me to post on Instagram to boost sales in 5 years does not constitute a friendship. Period.”

Tey caught wind of the now-deleted post and took to her Twitter to put her nemesis on blast and prove they were more than just acquaintances floating in the same circle. In a series of tweets she set the record straight about her sneakers—”my sneakers were sold out before your pair even shipped”—posted a Picstitched conversation the two had and even shared Tae’s number with her millions of followers.

Ouch! Taylor’s claws are officially out.

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