Group Chat: Wale And The Washington Wizards

The Washington Wizards have slowly become the team everyone (without a team in the NBA Playoffs) is rooting for. Led by the backcourt of Bradley Beal and John Wall, the Wizards have an energetic style of play that breeds instant attraction. Of course that means new fans are coming out of nowhere, but Atlantic Records rapper Wale is a loyal life long supporter. He spoke today with his homie Kevin Seraphin about his ball playing abilities and we asked them both about the Wizards hot playoffs start.

VIBE to Wale: It’s been a minute since the Wizards were in the playoffs. Did you think they’d make this type of run or were you just happy to see them back in the postseason?

Wale: I mean we can smell the Eastern Conference Finals. It’s on the horizon and I want the best for my guys. I’ve been a fan since I was a kid. They haven’t gotten this far in a long time and the energy hasn’t been this crazy in a while, but I hope they can get pretty far.

VIBE to Kevin: The fanbase has grown a lot since you guys started winning. Describe being a part the Eastern Conference answer to Golden State, meaning a young team that’s ready to take on the best in the conference right now.

Kevin: I feel very proud [to be on this team]. We’ve been struggling for a few years, but we’ve made the playoffs and we’re on a run. I think we can beat anybody when we come out focused. I mean ANYBODY. I’m definitely glad to be a part of that.