How To Drink Hennessy Paradis Imperial, According To Maurice Hennessy


Seventh generation Hennessy descendent Maurice Hennessy hosted an exclusive tasting of Hennessy Paradis Imperial in Los Angeles earlier this year. Among those in attendance at the event were rapper Nipsey Hussle, actress Lauren London and media personality Karen Civil, all who were treated to a flute of different Hennessy cognacs.

Hennessy Paradis Imperial was created in 2011 and inspired by a blend of 19th and 20th-century cognacs that the emperor of Russia, Czar Alexander I, used to drink. Hennessy, a winemaker himself, passed on the proper etiquette for tasting the sophisticated spirit.

“To drink it, I recommend a tulip-shaped glass, room temperature,” explains Hennessy. “…Then use your nose. The nose is the best tasting part of the body.”