Interview: Kelis Talks ‘Milkshake,’ Feminism, and Inspirational Love


Over the past 15 years, the singer has gone from raspy, soulful R&B to David Guetta house anthems. With her latest funk-laden release ‘Food,’ she’s trying to find her way back home.

t’s been difficult to peg down Kelis. In 1999, the singer and rapper entered a prospering, girl-pop R&B scene with a pink ‘fro and booty shorts, screaming “I hate you so much right now!” at a cheating ex on her first single, “Caught Out There.” The song set the tone for her style; she was the girl-next-door that was not to be fucked with. Musically, her jazz-influenced, soulful rasp made her all the more relatable to a generation of urban radio listeners whose divas were singers or rappers, but hardly ever both. Kelis had a different approach. With songs like her chart-topping and coyly provocative “Milkshake,” the sauntering cautionary tale “Trick Me,” and bass-heavy, girl-power anthem “Bossy,” she intentionally drawled her raps into melodic verse. It’s safe to say that there has never been anyone else quite like Kelis.

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