Interview: X-Men’s Colossus Talks ‘Days Of Future Past’ And Your Favorite Rappers’ Super Powers

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Way back in 2003, Daniel Cudmore made his debut in the X-Men series as Colossus in X-Men 2. His quick appearance was one of those “Oh snap, that guy in the black suit was (add your favorite X-Man who didn’t have a leading role). I knew that was him” moments that us we’ve grown accustomed to in the superhero movie genre.

Today, Cudmore returns in the latest installment of the X-Men saga, X-Men: Days of Future Past. We spoke with him about returning for the role again, his favorite rap artists to listen to when he’s getting it in the gym (he didn’t win the Colossus role for sitting on his ass, eating Oreos all day) and asked him if todays biggest rappers and athletes had super powers, what would they be and who’s side would they take: Professor X’s or Magneto’s?

Daniel, thanks for talking to us. Love the series. So it’s a little over a decade later and you’re still bringing the character of Colossus to life. What’s it like playing the role?

I got the role back in 2002 and it was the real the first big thing I ever book. Fast forward to now and I got that call again. This is a character I dig. I’ve fallen in love with him and want to see him grow. It’s great playing him, this is truly a dream.

Word. I mean, it’s a physical role. You played rugby back in your younger years though, so the action scenes aren’t that hard for you, right?

I’m really a jack of all trades. I played every sport under the sun, growing up. Understanding the physicality of things for roles is good and it helps that I have the right build. I do a lot of my own action stuff and taking hits without hurting myself is a great thing.